Video and Sound Installation, 2015

Patarei Prison, Tallinn, Estonia

Treasures incorporates recorded video and sound of the ocean with personal keepsake items and a box of found broken glass a rubble. 

The hinged metal box of a deceased family member containing baby teeth of a pet, a photograph of a lover separated by distance and time, a $20 bill from home and a chain with a pendant from childhood are hidden under mixed layers of broken glass and debris in a found wooden box. The box is placed before the incoming and receding tides of a digital seascape, as the soundtrack of the ocean plays in sync and in the background. 

With time, the incoming tide edges closer toward the box, when eventually a rush of sea water swiftly engulfs its entirety, illuminating the ultimate power of nature and reminding us that what is lost cannot be recreated; pieces from the past are as temporary as the gap they are used to fill.